About Us


Our Approach

We evaluate every potential client with extensive problem analysis and comprehensive financial management solutions. Our in-depth process covers practice management/ databases, current financials, future plans, and extensive tax planning, and then customizes a solution to meet your exact needs.

Meet the Team

Julia Huitt


Julia’s law firm experience spans more than a decade and multiple fields of law. She’s implemented and trained staff on practice management systems (desktop and cloud based), and focuses on billing and receivables while evaluating the financial picture of law firms.

Julia earned a B.S. in Business from University of Colorado in 1995, spending her early career in telecom. After having 4 children in 4 years in the early 2000s, she went back to work in 2008 as an accountant, gathering clients such as a prestigious law firm in Denver (a client she still has to this day!) and serving additional clients over the last years.

In her spare time, Julia travels all over the western U.S. in an RV with her 4 kids (now older teenagers) in tow, and designs garden and water feature plans for friends and family when not working in her own yard.

Serin Ware


Serin has worked for Arrant Accounting for 3 years, after doing database programming for an online services company for 22 years. Serin keeps our clients happy by being upbeat and knowledgeable, and never letting deadlines pass. In her spare time, Serin has 5 boys that keep her running.

Sabrina Preslan


Sabrina has a varied work history including working as a security guard for a hopspital, picking up semi trucks and delivering them across the country, working as a ramp agent at the airport, and, many  years ago, working as a nanny. Sabrina has 3 teenagers who also keep her busy.